About Us

Hi, my name is Christian ‘Neil’ Jones and I am the founder of Neil Creative.

I’ll admit that when I was tasked with sitting down and providing you with a brief bio about myself, it was pretty tough. Where do I start? What’s the most relevant information that you all would even care about?

Let’s be honest, you mostly just care about how I can help you succeed and want to know that you can trust me to get it done. So with that being said, I want to tell you the short version of my journey to give some context behind why this agency is the best at servicing its clients.

First thing you should know is that I graduated with a Physics/Engineering degree and worked in Engineering consulting for a few years before jumping into the business world. The natural reaction is how does one end up running a Branding & Marketing Agency after having a Physics Degree?

Well naturally I’m a creative person and always had a passion for building businesses but getting a Physics/Engineering degree was probably the most valuable thing I’ve ever could have done for my current career.

Much like going to med school or becoming a lawyer, these degrees are mostly developing a new way of thinking to solve industry related problems. With physics and engineering, it’s about having a systematic process to solve problems and knowing how to effectively communicate your solutions.


When It come to branding, many creatives rely mostly on intuition and creative inspiration, limiting the predictability of their outcomes. But with our team, we apply a very systematic approach to drive results for our clients. 

Here at Neil Creative, we are not just here to make businesses look pretty. We help build scalable brands that allow companies to replicate their successes and maximize the customer experience.

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